Saturday 25 June 2011

Biker Camp Budapest

As you know from yesterday's brief blog, I found and am staying at this biker mad household about 5 kms from the centre of Budapest. Today I sadly find out as Susan, the lady of the house, is showing me the Biker Pub they have created in the cellar, that her husband died on motorcycle that she was also on when it was in an accident 7 years ago. There are still 5 motorbikes of different makes and ages in their garage and maybe welcoming bikers to her home is her way of paying homage to the memory of her late husband; whatever the reason, Susan and her son (who's just
ridden off on a Suzuki GSXR 1000) are both warmly welcoming and equally friendly.
The weather is still iffy, although not raining and the sun is shinning but accompanied by a gusting wind that needs a second layer to keep warm. Consequently, I decided to stay on campus today which again, is so very pleasant; lovely wet showers and a well equipped kitchen, which turned out to be a bonus as I can now have a luvly cuppa whenever I want (must buy a camping stove).

As it turned out, I was able to help out some lovely people back home with a website given the wifi connection available here, so it ended up being a very fruitful day, as you can see from my pic ... working lunch!
I've stayed in fancy hotels, regrettably in hindsight, on this trip, each of which could not supply an internet connection in the room so you had to sit in reception to log-on or if it was available in the room you had to pay silly money for the privilege of using it; yet here I can get a wifi signal in my tent at the end of the garden and it's free. By the way, it's 10 Euros a night all in, to stay here; a half litre can of beer is 1 Euro, litre of wine 5 Euros, you just mark what you've had on an honesty board and only 10 minutes from the centre of town ... I may never leave!
Oh, a couple of Slovenian bikers arrived today, how dare they disrupt my garden camp, very nice couple actually and no, that's not one of them in the picture, it is, of course, a beer drinking, motorcycling, mole gnome.
Also washed a load of clothes today in what looked like a re-constructed milk churn but it did an excellent job ... up to the nose, sweet as a rose, up to the light, shinning bright ... terribly sad that I can still repeat TV commercials from when I was a kid yet now and then, half way through a sentence and I can't remember the name of someone I met last week!

While typing I'm munching on the leftovers from lunch which I acquired from the local shop, quite a double feast for 6 Euros with enough for breakfast too and no chilli-cheese this time. I'm getting better at buying food in countries where the language looks the same any way up and they do like spice here, paprika and chillis everywhere.

I'll stay here another day and get the maps out tomorrow to research a route to Romania, even though I have invitations from lovely Germans and Austrians that I have met along the way, I don't feel ready to turn around yet and head back toward home. Yes, it's been 6 weeks but I'm still hungry for more.

I shall trot on now, and trot I will to the oom-pah-pah music emanating from the restaurant two doors down where a coach load of tourists have poured in for a knees-up. It does sound quite fun, might go and put my head round the door and get a 'quanta la mera' going. Ole!

Oh yes, Hungarian joke, said (in a very strong accent) on the Hop-On-Hop-Off tour bus I was 'stuck-to-the-plastic-seat' on, ... "old Hungarian's used to say that the reason Adam Clarke built the tunnel leading to the Chain Bridge was so they could push the bridge into the tunnel when it rained" ... laugh! well I nearly wet myself! Theses Hungarian's hey, must be all that paprika!

Better go now so that you can laugh it off too .... nite nite x

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